La mia nuova intervista per il sito Creative Digest!

what kind of clients do you work for, or how do you make money from your work?

All of my works are on sale in several online stores like artfinder, ebay, fineartseen, satchii. I hope for a day to be able to have a physical store to expose all of my works.

how did you get to your current situation? i.e. how did you begin your career etc?

I started my career as musician, my first songs was created in 1996, creating up to 2005, more than 50 songs entirely self-produced, placed in 4 albums, I collect a third place in the National Selections of “Sanremo Giovani” in 2001, an album released on iTunes in 2008 and a single in the 2011. Since 2012 I collaborate as a designer for the American portal “Society6” and start at the same time also a new experience in the field of digital art, with the creation of numerous paintings, published in different sites, social networks and blogs. After the acclaim received in 2014, as a digital artist, arrives in January 2015, the first exhibition in the city of Florence at ArtExpertise and after many others collective exhibition in different city like Milan,Parma,Mantova,Brescia.

In 2016 I realized My first international exhibition in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

What have you learned as a result of your work and career so far?

Art for me is when the humans express the deepest soul, the creativity.

I think in these years, i have almost reached a precise style of digital composition.

I’m satisfied of my last artworks because with these many techniques that i use I finally express myself very well.

But the artistic way of my soul is more long and complicated!

What is your creative process, e.g. how do you get from an idea or brief to a finished piece of work?

I have always had many ideas and creativity ever since I was a child. Even though I am now a man, nothing has changed. I have the same lightness and the same approach to life. I am an eternal child who has only matured over the years the awareness of being able to create something important. It all comes from my soul, from what I see around me, from dreams, movies, and anything else.

I put all these things into my artworks!

Usually I see that I’m finished the artwork only when my mental speech that I had prepared in my mind has been reproduced in the picture.

It’s like a chessboard with many characters inside.

What process / materials / equipment etc do you use?

I use only an Apple Ipad with digital pencil and many apps for draw and photo retouch

This allows me to create my works anywhere in the world!

Successively i print my works on alluminium panel, paper or canvas.

I realize unique artworks 1/1 but also limited edition of my creations.

Do you have any advice for people who would like to have a similar career?

Always try to realize your dreams. Even if at first it may seem impossible, it is impossible to give up and out of the schemas. Life is a school that never ends. I am always curious and wanting to learn from everyone and everyone.

What are your long term ambitions for your business and your career?

Expose my works to the most important exhibitions in the world and become one of the most creative artists on the planet! In the meantime, I continue to commit myself hard every day!

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